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The business is a partnership of 3 mothers, we opened the business during pregnancy, when we were looking for products for us, and discovered that each product that was unique and designed was also very expensive, so we decided to set up a business that would provide a comprehensive solution for young mothers. We realized very quickly that the strategy to penetrate the market, is to create a variety of products that appeals to the whole market, while maintaining a level of quality, visibility, functionality, but the fact that one of the three of us lives in China allowed us to enter factories directly and enter the market at good prices. 

Be Your self And Nothing Else

The products we develop come from a real and everyday need. Second, we develop value-added products compared to existing products on the market, some of which even have a registered patent. We are constantly developing unique, functional, comfortable, stylish and affordable products that will make parents' lives more comfortable and easier. We invest all of us in every development, and see the results in the unique products and satisfied customers.

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