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Duukies Beachsocks are the idea of Carlien van Hemert, mother of a bunch of little kids. Every year during theri family holiday, the kids were complaining about the hot sand, that feels like lava. You probably know the feeling… jumping, and hopping to get to the sea? Normal, old-fashioned watershoes, are not protecting to hot sand and have an irritating strap and buckle. So, there was the idea of a Beachsock. Soft, Easy, comfortable, and with a little fashionable twist.

The name of their eldest son is Duuk, so the name was born, and so was the brand. First only in the Netherlands, but now also in many countries. Duuk is very proud and thinks it very cool, that his is name is going around the world! Duukies Beachsocks is all what it is about on the beach & pool…Fun in the Sun, but protected!

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