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For feeding, cuddling and sleeping!

This is Nepto, a cute seahorse to accompany you from day one of your adventure. A beautiful, quality and practical nursing pillow. Nepto with its perfectly anatomical design in the shape of a seahorse, perfectly embraces the body of the mother and offers the ideal space for placing the baby on it, turning the process of breastfeeding into a relaxing and pleasant experience for both. The texture of Nepto consists of an extremely soft velvet fabric, while its filling is hypoallergenic, making it completely safe. 

The use of Nepto is not limited to breastfeeding as it can be used during pregnancy, and also:


- It supports the waist, neck or legs for relief and extra relaxation


- It can be the first favorite friend of your baby that will accompany him throughout the day and will give him many hugs


- It is ideal for placing the baby on their tommy to help them strengthen their muscles


- Unlike ordinary nursing pillows, it is a product that can very easily be used as a decorative pillow after its initial use


It is the ideal gift as its use starts from the period of pregnancy and never stops.

Nursing Pillow - Nepto Seashell Grey

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    • Material: velvet, anti-allergic filling
    • Size: 65 x 43 cm
    • Wash according to the instructions on the label.
    • Polish product sewn by Kadaro.
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