Natural and very soft BAMBOO swaddle is an indispensable element of a layette - irreplaceable both in the period of newborns and infants. It fulfills many functions, including a blanket, a towel and a cuddly toy, and in summer mosquito nets and protection against the sun. Most of all, however, it is used to wrap the baby to sleep. A baby in a cocoon created by a delicate swaddle is comfortable and carefree, which contributes to its good sleep. The rattle included in the set strengthens the child's sense of security, and its uniform sound will mute and calm them.

The swaddle is made of bamboo fibers. It can be used from the first days of life. It provides the highest comfort of rest and perfectly regulates the body temperature during sleep, because it cools a bit in summer and warms slightly in winter. The swaddle is a perfect addition to a child's r